Exhibition Concept

The Rituals of Black Womanhood places emphasis on where and how womxn of the diaspora express the realities of their personhood. This exhibition is organized into three themes: Life, Healing, and Nature. Each theme is explored in independent and interrelated expressions. 

As the global celebration of the end of Trump’s regime persists, preliminary estimates from exit polls conducted by Edison Research for the National Election Pool report that Black Women were the leading demographic in voting for President-Elect Joe Biden. While News outlets will focus on the political participation of Black Womxn, “The Rituals of Black Womanhood” aims to expand this conversation and explore the lives and practices of Black women who hope for a better tomorrow for the United States. 

Our exhibition will start on January 20th, 2021 as this date is the official start of the Biden/Harris Administration. The inauguration of Joe Biden is a historical celebration that will guide the political participation of Black womxn forward in the national conversation; “The Rituals of Black Womanhood” serves as a resource for all visitors, and a place of recognition for Black Womxn as the country poses questions about the livelihoods and experiences of Black womxn.    

“The Rituals of Black Womanhood” expands the conversation of Black Womanhood as it poses the question: How do Black women experience Life, Healing, and Nature? This exhibition allows visitors to guide themselves through the artistry and creative expression of Black femmes through multimedia, paint, performance art, photography, and audio recordings