An Exhibit at the Clark Atlanta University Art Museum

We chose Clark Atlanta University Art Museum (CAUAM) for our exhibition location. This museum's mission to collect, preserve, research, and exhibit fine art works that document the role of African Americans in American history aligns with our goal to amass these rare colored photos of the era to ensure they’re properly protected. The primary goal of the institution is to maintain and cultivate a representative collection of American and African Diaspora art and encourage scholarly research in relation to historical movements also fits with the purpose of our exhibition to make these pieces of historical art accessible to future Black youths. With the aim of motivating them to better understand the past and in how it relates to their present, improve on the protest’s strategies of our ancestors. 

Even though two of the photographers behind these photos are white men, we believe the historical importance of these artworks outweighs the ethnicity of the photographers. Most of these photos were kept in the photographer’s private collections or in white-run instructional archives that willfully chose to keep them away from public view for over half a decade. Under the care of Clark Museums staff, whom of which are Black, will not only better appreciate their significance due to their cultural ties but will also ensure the exhibition is seen across the AUC and Atlanta community.