Lava Thomas

Be Your Own Muse Podcast

A 30 minute conversation between Eungie Joo and Lava Thomas where she discusses the importance of the knowledge of Black women history as it appears in her artist practice and gives insight on the lives of Black women civil rights activists through her Mugshot Portrait Series. Through this program, viewers will not only further understand Lava Thomas’ work, but they will get a better understanding of the way Black women history is often erased in the mainstream world.

Art Lesson: What Is Your Story?

Partner with Atlanta Public Schools to host a “What Is Your Story?” art lesson where students k-12 listen to the podcast and then are prompted to create their own artistic journals about themselves. This is an artistic and educational program that aims to:

  •  Teach students about more female civil rights activists
  • Introduce them to Black art
  • Acclimate young Black students to art spaces and institutions 
  • Further the relationship between Spelman and Atlanta Public Schools