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LGBTQ+ Pride Month collection

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LGBTQ+ Pride Month collection


The June 2019 featured collection celebrates LGBTQ+ Pride. This year's pride celebration marks the 50th anniversary of the Stonewall uprising, widely considered to be the catalyst for the modern LGBTQ+ rights movement.

Our featured collection highlights many photographs from our Countee Cullen-Harold Jackman Memorial Collection of black entertainers including Josephine Baker and Bessie Smith. The collection also contains correspondence from writer James Baldwin and a poem from Angelina Grimké. Additionally, the Archives Research Center holds a collection of BLK, a monthly magazine published from 1988 to 1994 with the motto “where the news is colored on purpose,” which covered people, events, and issues relevant to LBGT African American readers.



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BLK magazine cover featuring RuPaul standing next to a seated Santa Claus with the tagline "RuPaul: Gag on the Glamour"

BLK Publishing Company, Inc. 1993 December
BLK magazine cover featuring image of an African American man with guns pointed at both sides of his head, one held by a white hand and one held by a black hand with the tagline "High Risk, Low Priority: AIDS in the Black Gay Community"

BLK Publishing Company, Inc. 1991 July
BLK magazine cover featuring portrait of Audre Lorde with the tagline "Audre Lorde on everything from Black Germans to 2 Live Crew"

BLK Publishing Company, Inc. 1990 September
BLK magazine cover featuring two African American women outdoors with the tagline "Black Gay Pride"

BLK Publishing Company, Inc. 1990 July
By Alvin F. Poussaint, M.D.Associate Professor of PsychiatryHarvard Medical School<br />
Lately, they have “come out of the closet” in increasing numbers<br />
Some people fear and scorn, others tolerate homosexuals, but few understand and welcome them as equal partners in African-American society. Most of us have laughed at Eddie Murphy pretending to be a swishing drag queen. Black comedians rely on stereotypes of Black gays and lesbians as a ready source of<br />
[images: Phil Wilson, co-chair of the Black Gay and Lesbian Leadership Forum in Los Angeles, feels that Black gays can avoid rejection by the Black community only if they are not too obvious about their gay orientation. At right, Venus Medina, a project officer at the Centers for Disease Control in Atlanta, says that most Black lesbians identify as Black women first and lesbians second. Medina is a 30-year-old mother of two]

Poussaint; Alvin F.; Ebony (Chicago, Ill.) 1990 September
Ethel Waters wearing ornate gown and headdress signed "To Floyd [?] Ethel 9/3/34"

Harold Jackman Memorial Committee 1934 September 3

Harold Jackman Memorial Committee 1966 November 13
TO – G.D.J. BY – Angelina Grimke I like your little house And your little front door And your little doorknob That turns and turns and turns. I like the yellow softness Of your little parlor, I like the little blue lights In your little gas stove. I like the smell of your coffee When you bring it in On your oblong tray That is not little a bit. I like all the quick little lightnesses And quick little brightnesses Of your words, of your thoughts, Of your laughter, of your movements. I like your broken shell-rimmed glasses When you read your poems I like your poems; And most of all I like so very much The kindly little you The generous little you The gallant little you The lonely little you.

Grimké, Angelina Weld, 1880-1958 undated
Billy Strayhorn

Van Vechten, Carl, 1880-1964 1938 August 19
Bobby Short

Van Vechten, Carl, 1880-1964 1962 January 3