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Examining America with Faith Ringgold

Faith Ringgold is an African American interdisciplinary artist. Ringgold was born 1930 in Harlem, New York. Much of her work has been inspired by politics, revolution, and the African American experience in the United states. Ringgold has done a myriad of work in over ten different mediums. She has done extensive work in quilts and has done several renditions of quilt stories. Ringgold knew from a very young age that her passion was art. She went to pursue and education from the City College of New York at a time. Where only white men could attend college classes. However, Ringgold was only focused on creating art and she would not stop until she could study art in school. After, working with a faculty member on an arrangement she was able to pursue art. As long as also minor in education because that was the only class women were permitted to study. Learning art was an uphill battle for Ringgold, she was met with racism and professors that would try to hold her back. However, she preserved through to the turmoil and prospered into a top artist of her time. Due to the message of her work she is regarded as an artist and a cultural icon.

In this exhibition, 10 of her pieces will be on display. I have tried to capture and encompass some of her most politically focused works. I am inspired, by the recent election. I hope to incorporate the feeling that black people have never been properly represent in American politics. Also, this year has been the largest revolution for African American rights since the Civil rights movement. This exhibition will demonstrate some of her most polarizing political works. There will be three American flags that will be featured in this gallery. Two of which will be quilts. Ringgold created many different quilts, each that told their own story. Due to the roots and ties of slavery that these quilts have, I believe they perfectly integrate into my exhibit. Other pieces include work embodies Ringgold’s experiences as a black woman in the United States.


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