Spelman College 1989 Yearbook #2


Spelman College 1989 Yearbook #2


Here we can view an event almost as big as the showcases and show ups for Atlanta homecomings. Judging by the balloons and “class of” t-shirts worn by an older generation, this can be a massive class reunion and simultaneously welcoming the new class of 90’, as the balloons suggest. Particularly paying to the hairstyles and dresses of the more current students in the pictures, we can see their newly done and let down hair as well as calm and coordinated button ups and sweaters. It would be asinine for a big smile not to come across one’s face after viewing such lovely and upbeat styles that simply scream the “80’s” or the “90’s”. These women, captured in a moment in time, are emblems for what used to be, and where the freedom of dress and self-expression originated and was continued from.


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November 18, 2020
SAVC 305 Seminar in Curatorial Practice
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