Clark Atlanta University 1989 Yearbook


Clark Atlanta University 1989 Yearbook


Looking at the Delta Sigma Theta section in the yearbook, one could pass it up and off as another sorority picture, taken every year and for every group. But what catches the eye specifically and withholds the attention without ransom, is the gaze they return off of the page. Examining the top left section of each Clark student holding each by the next arm, they hold each other accountable and pick each other up whenever one falls. Because as can be seen, it is an interlocking so tight, that if one falls, they all fall. Apart from that, women diligent at work can be seen throughout the section, but do be warned, they do not mess around when it’s time for business.


Date Added
November 18, 2020
SAVC 305 Seminar in Curatorial Practice
“Clark Atlanta University 1989 Yearbook,” GLAM Center for Collaborative Teaching and Learning - Atlanta University Center Robert W. Woodruff Library, accessed August 13, 2022,