Curatorial Statement (Blue Black Body)

Throughout this course and pandemic, I've learned an awful lot, about myself and curating.

In January, I traveled to Washington DC to document the inauguration. As a multi-dimensional and disciplinary artist with a passion for photography, my goal was to intimately and authentically document the city. The pictures I took on this trip earned me my first feature in a major magazine publication, i-D. By embarking on this adventure I learned that it's in my best interest to trust myself and my intuition. This lesson translates well to the world of curation.

After virtually meeting the newly appointed Vice President of Education and Public Programs at LACMA, Naima J. Keith, I truly began to take curation seriously. For a while, I viewed curation of all forms as something foreign and at times unattainable from a professional standpoint, but my perspective shifted after meeting Ms. Keith. A Spelman College alum, who changed her major midway through her matriculation to something that truly appealed to her, I can relate to and identify with Ms. Keith. And this is why I think representation is so important. For me, seeing Ms. Keith achieve great success after making a major shift during a pivotal point in her academic career validated my own decision to do the same. And aside from the complementary paths, we're sharing, I enjoy her curatorial practice of focusing on and bringing attention to the wonderful artworks created and being created by artists from across the African Diaspora.

Throughout this course, I had the wonderful opportunity to meet with wonderful people doing wonderful work. Two meetings that stand out for me are the meetings with American contemporary visual artist Julie Mehretu and Atlanta-based art historian and curator Martina Dodd. I enjoyed gaining insights into the practices of these change agents. Since meeting with these powerful women I have seen their works in magazines and referred to their advice for assignments like this.

Overall, I think I'm better for having taken this course. I've made connections with peers and professionals that have proven to be fruitful. I've learned valuable things about myself and the art world that will inform my future decisions and curatorial practice. As for my future in curating, I will continue to curate the pictures I take and the art I make into projects designed to illuminate, inspire and uplift PEOPLE ™.

Curatorial Statement (Blue Black Body)